Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Veteran Arkansas journalist Carol Griffee dies

One of the most staunch defenders of journalism and the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act has died. Carol Griffee worked as a reporter at the now defunct Arkansas Democrat newspaper among other places. 

Governor Mike Beebe issued this statement: "Carol Griffee was a bird dog and a bulldog, driven and relentless in her pursuit of the facts.  She was tough but fair, which is one of the highest compliments to pay any journalist.  'One of a kind' is often an overused phrase, but the combination of Carol's tenacity, staunch belief in good government and unique personal character makes her one we won't see the likes of again anytime soon."

Here's a link to the Associated Press story about her death.

Carol had a lot to do with the protection of the Arkansas FOI law.  Here's a link to the Arkansas Press Association's FOI Handbook.  I suggest anyone who works as a reporter in Arkansas download a free copy of it.  It's up to the next generation of journalists to make sure our government and other entities that seek the public's trust operate in the public's best interest. 

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