Friday, January 21, 2011

Cell phones on a plane really dangerous?

I saw this debate in a CNN story.  Interesting story about whether using your cell phone in flight can be dangerous by interfering with flight communications and instruments.  It reminded me of a Mythbusters episode where they tested it.


Jennifer Swift said...

Whether it is dangerous or not, maybe it's just fine to follow rules and regulations of the plane. It's for our own safety after all.
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Xanae Lewis said...

I've tried turning on my cellphone inside the plane and nothing happened. Maybe my phone is not that radiation sensitive or whatsoever.

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spynetwork21 said...

The risk is small, "but why take that risk?" You could compare it to breaking the cell phone rules with not wearing a seat belt. "I could probably make a flight without a seat belt on and probably I'd be safe but still its better to be safe.

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