Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've become quite the Twitter addict. It fits my short attention span and need for quick snippets of information. If you have no idea what Twitter is or is about, check out my Twitter page. It simply asks you to answer one question: "what are you doing right now?" Play by play details of your life are not needed, but something like "I'm at the mall, you won't believe the sale at this store" could be a great tweet. It's quicker than email and not as time intensive as Facebook or Myspace.

I usually follow news organizations and local tweeters in order to keep up with headlines. I've used it a few times to set up news stories through direct tweets. A direct tweet is a message sent privately from one person to another. All other messages are 'broadcast' to everyone that follows you. In the newsroom, we use Twitter to send updates of the latest headlines on our site as well as any additional information. Be sure to check out the Region 8 News Twitter page.

If you're interested in checking out twitter, sign up for a free account and then search for people you want to follow. For the first time ever you have the opportunity to communicate with politicians, news gatherers, and neighbors down the road you never knew existed.

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